Summer Sewing: Kew Dress #2

Before I had even finished my first Kew dress (which you can find here if you are interested), I knew I was going to make another. I just had to do it soon, before we ran out of summer in London! Luckily, even after that, we have a trip or two planned to places which will be nice and warm so there should be plenty of opportunity to wear it again. I can even picture it over a black t-shirt when the weather cools down which could look quite 90s cool.

For this next Kew  I wanted to make it a bit more wearable by leaving off the cold shoulder straps. I do really like them, but I just think that in order to get the most out of this dress throughout multiple seasons (and wearing cardigans/layers with it) that it is more versatile without the cold shoulder. Plus, with this heavier fabric I don't think it would drape quite as well or have the same effect.

This fabric was the only piece of fabric I purchased while we were actually in Australia for Christmas (before the whole visa debacle hap…

Fandom Fabric: Harry Potter dress

Anyone who knows me in real life knows that I love being a part of fandom and talking about my favourite books, TV shows and films. I love Pokemon (as evidenced in my last post by my Pikachu tee), Doctor Who (see wayyy back in the archives for my exploding Tardis dress), but my one true fandom love is Harry Potter.

I read the books over and over throughout my life, they really helped me through tough times growing up. Now, I am a proud Hufflepuff (represent!) who, honestly, is a little shocked that I don't own any me made Harry Potter things!
I have owned many a tee throughout the years, and currently wear almost exclusively HP socks, but I never found the right fabric for a themed dress until the Knitting and Stitching show last October, where I found this amazing HP newsprint fabric! While I have been trying to steer away from quilting cotton (which this is), I am not averse to using it when the design is so relevant to my interests!

I made a NL6048, a pattern which I have made mul…

Summer Staple: Denim Lander shorts

Today I have a real summer staple for the blog. As soon as I finished my Lander pant  earlier in the year I knew that what I wanted for the summer was a pair of light denim coloured Lander shorts  So I set off, buying a single piece of denim from Guthrie and Ghani  Making the shorts also means much less fabric; I’m pretty sure I got this out of a metre of the fabric. I also pulled out one of my stashed Japanese fat quarters for the pockets, which are a beautiful touch. I really like using fun and different fat quarters for pockets.

Same as with my last pair, they went together very quickly and easily. I love the instructions  - they make making trousers so much less scary! I did want to use proper jeans buttons, however I couldn’t find them anywhere so I used these regular gold buttons which look pretty jeans like. I still think if I’m not 100% sold on the buttons that I’ll try the jeans buttons after that.

This time around, I went one size down (pretty sure I made a 10), and finished t…

Fabric Quandries: Decisions, Decisions

No new photos today, folks. My regular photographer ran his first real (Olympic plus distance) triathlon today and we are both much too tired! So instead, I have a question. Or a quandary.
While I was waiting for the race to finish, I grabbed some pencils to match fabric swatches. My current queue is one Kew dress, and then my next BIG project - a Closet Case files Sophie swimsuit! I am equal parts intimidated and excited for this project.
Notions were actually quite easy to get - I just ordered a basic kit from Emerald Erin in nude and it has everything that I will need! So that was easy.
I have spent an reasonable amount of time looking for fabric, before deciding on a splurge from Blackbird Fabrics. I've never ordered from them before but have been looking for an opportunity for a while, so I order 3 fabrics which I thought would coordinate with the thought to mix and match across a bikini.

So I spent a few hours colouring in some of the croquis, using the closest colours that I ha…

My first hack: Odgen Cami dress

Today we have a change of photographer and scenery - on location photos! These photos were taken on my iPhone by my lovely friend Jess, so the quality might not be quite the best, but I am on location in Barcelona! I'm currently on holiday in Spain without my usual Photographer husband, but here I am in the kitchen courtyard of Casa Batllo, my favourite of the Gaudi designed residences. I just couldn't turn down the chance to get such great location shots!

This dress is hot of the presses, as I finished it less than a week ago! I have made several Ogden cami tops, and decided that I really liked the dress version on the True Bias blog and wanted to make it myself! I used the tutorial roughly, although I did end up having to take more off the back to even it out (I just did it as I tried in on with the skirt basted to make sure it hung straight on my body).

This fabric is from my trip to Paris last summer, and I'm pretty certain it's a viscose. It's light and drapey a…

Nina Lee Kew Dress

This is the first project that I made while at home in Australia, however is the last one to make it to the blog. Mostly because as soon as I wear it, I wash it and wear it again! It has been in constant rotation ever since I made it, and even more so now London has finally decided that is summer now!

This is the Kew dress from Nina Lee. Like my other Australia projects, it was something I hadn't made before but that I had fallen in love with when it came out. Specifically, version 2 with the straps and little wings (sleeves?) was really gorgeous and I loved the line drawing.

I always had linen in mind for this dress, so when I went to spotlight I headed straight there. Red is not normally my colour, but this is such a lovely shade I couldn't resist! When I went to look at buttons and they had these lovely ones with exactly the sameshade of red, I knew it was fate! It does wrinkle a little throughout the day but it's nothing major and I don't worry too much about it.

I ma…

Simple Sew Ruby #3

After finishing my more complicated makes in Australia, I really felt like I needed a palate cleanser. So I picked up the Simple Sew Ruby, which I had bought from Amy of Almond Rock in an instagram sale a while back. Actually, this is the third I’ve made but the first to make it to the blog (I’m hoping to eventually catch up to all my current makes, but we’ll see). In this version, I decided to leave out the pockets, which I do kind of regret, and I lined the bodice instead of using the facings - personal preference.

This gorgeous soft cotton is from Paris, which I bought about a year ago on a solo trip from one of the stores at the foot of the Sacre-Couer in Montmatre. That’s my favourite place to buy fabric in Paris and I picked up a few pieces (5) on this trip. This was always going to be a Ruby after the success of my other checked Ruby which I wear especially with tights and boots in colder weather. This one is a little better without tights, I think.

(I’m also wearing my new favou…