Saturday, 18 October 2014

Stash Busting - Knitting Bag

So, I've joined the rest of the sewing community... and I've started knitting. Not for that reason though. I learned how to knit when I was much younger, from my grandma, and made some scarves, to some success (using only knit stitch, mind you).

I recently rediscovered my kntting when I moved, and now we live 3 hours away from my old hometown. However, we have friends getting married, we have family members birthdays and other social gatherings which mean we've been back in Canberra almost every weekend since we moved. That's quite a lot of driving, or for me, sitting in the car. So I wanted something to do in the car.

So I'm working again on a half finished scarf from several years ago (coming along nicely, thanks), and started a beanie with my friend's help. I also realised, though, that my knitting bag is actually my Mum's. So I made myself one using a pair of fat quarters, a zip, and some webbing. It took less than 3 hours!

It's basically a simple zipper pouch, but with the edges folded in to give the bag more width. I can always add a tutorial later, but it's really very simple. I'm very pleased with how it turned out.

And in fact, my Mum liked my new knitting bag so much, now I'm making her one.

(The fabrics my Mum chose, they're lovely!)

What little things have you made?

Sunday, 12 October 2014

Seeing Spots: White on Purple

Hello again. How are we all doing today? I loved the last dress I made, Simplicity 2444, so much that the very next thing I made was... another one!

The fabric is really nice, actually. A family friend heard from my parents that I was sewing things, and mentioned that she had a HUGE amount of fabric she wanted to get rid of. I very happily went around to her place to take a look! She mostly did quilting, so many pieces weren't the right size for the job. But I picked up a few, and this one I wanted to use first. I looked it up based on the selvage, and it's actually a curtain fabric, 100% cotton, and quite sturdy. It gives the pleated skirt a really lovely shape.

 I cut a 16 again, and pulled it in 2 inches before sewing it up. I (obviously) made the sleeveless version with pattern skirt this time. I learnt a big new skill for this one - bias binding! I used binding as a facing as well as on the inside of the dress - see, so nice!

(Looks so nice...)

 It took longer to do because I handsewed it down after attaching it with the machine, but it is well worth it, I think. I tried to make the neckline smaller after last time, but it is still too large. I think I'm going to need to do a full fit on the bodice to work it out.

This one has surprise pockets! Because of the weight of the fabric, I decided to use some of the leftover Tula Pink raccoon fabric for the pockets, to make them more lightweight, and I love the surprise. Even if nobody else sees it.

(Obligatory silly photo!)

I love it, and will keep making it, for sure. I just need to fix the issues I'm having, I think.