Monday, 29 June 2015

Picnic Blanket Dress... and a new coat!

Hey everyone, how are we today? I hope you are super awesome, as I was while taking these photos.

As soon as I saw this checked fabric in Lincraft, I knew it was perfect for a dress! A nice big check is always good. However, I straight away started to worry about the effect of having the white and black nearest to my face. The easy answer? Black edging!


The pattern is New Look 6208, I made View D. I figured as much as I love the bows, I thought they would be overkill, and I was right. To avoid having to pattern match, I turned the waistband on the bias instead, which worked a treat - I'll definitely do that again. As I mentioned before, I used black edging around the neckline and armholes. To avoid any awkward moments (I was worried the white was a little sheer), I lined the bodice with white cotton lawn, and the skirt with white Bemsilk. Lining dresses is awesome, you guys. I have vowed to do it all the time (well, almost, anyway), because it's so much nicer in all seasons. But especially now, it doesn't stick to my stockings!

(I can't remember whether this photo was before or after 
I dropped my credit card into the Parramatta River...)

I'm super happy with this dress. At the moment, I'm wearing it with a singlet underneath as it keeps the bare skin warmer and doesn't look terrible underneath (it is winter, but it's still close to 20 degrees, so I can definitely wear it with a cardigan!). It feels like I'm wearing a picnic blanket, but in the best way possible (that's legit, right?), and I have so many other plans for various colour checked dresses (including one I'm going to make soon which I'm picturing as red and white mixed size check)


As you can see, it even looks especially awesome underneath my new coat (which I didn't make, unfortunately). I've been after a new coat for a while, and knew I wanted a larger skirted silhouette to go over my dresses. This is from Review, and I adore it. It's super flattering, warm, and I feel so pretty in it! More coat pictures ahead, because I love it so.


The only problem I've had so far, is that I feel like it's too dressy for work, so I haven't worn it nearly as much as I'd like to! I'm on a mission to get it into my daily wardrobe more...


I would say this was my favourite dress, but I seem to be saying that with every new dress I make. I think that's good. That is good, right?

Do you have a favourite piece in your wardrobe at the moment?

Saturday, 20 June 2015

Supanova, and an Esploding TARDIS!

Hey! OMG, what? Two posts in two weeks? Madness!!

Anyway, so I had Friday off work (I'm a casual for part of the week this term), and I had an amazing day. I actually took myself off for a massage, which is not related to sewing in any way, but really really helped me feel awesome, so I happily settled myself down for an afternoon of sewing.

At the moment, I'm working on a few commissions for a friend (a couple of pairs of jammie pants, and an anchor skirt, of which I will be making one for myself too). But, while mid-skirt-construction, I got a call about a very confused delivery man who apparently couldn't find my apartment. He was bearing another fabric parcel for me! Inside: 5 yards of french blue linen, and 4 yards of this gorgeous beauty.

So, given that I went to Supanova this weekend (a convention - it was pretty fun!), I needed to make this into a dress - stat. Cue fabric washing at 5pm, and hemming at 2am the next day. But I got it finished in the end!!!

This is New Look 6048 - actually, the second time I've made it. Compared to the first, I made a few changes... This is View B (the halterneck), without the bottom ruffle or the contrast band on the neckline. This gave me a clean bodice for maximum fabric awesomeness. I also took 1.5cm off the edge either side of the bodice front/bodice side seam, to bring the top seam in at the bust a little (it didn't sit flush in my original version).


Also, it has a hi lo hem! That was the BF's idea, and even though by 1am I was ready for bed, I'm so glad I stuck with it. That being said, it's not finished yet. I have to redo the hem (I'm going to do it by hand), and line the skirt (that, I'm going to do twice, once in yellow with a ruffle at the back, and once in blue). Then, it will be back on the blog in it's finished form, but because I have those commissions that may be a little while. I'm just so excited to share it already!


In the end, despite not being in a 'costume' per se, I got about 5 compliments and someone asked me for a photo. To say I'm pretty damn pleased is an understatement. Have you guys ever made a fan-service dress (so to speak)? I already have at least 2 more in the works!

(Note: The title doesn't have a typo - that was the name printed on the fabric!)

Monday, 15 June 2015

Starry Night Dress

Hello everyone! Long time no... post? What a weird turn of phrase. ANYWAY... I won't bore you with many legitimate but not-all-together-adequate reasons. I'll just show you a pretty dress!

(All the poses in this post are super awkward and weird, just FYI. Pretty sure these are the most accurate pictures of me so far on this blog!)

This gorgeousness was a long time coming. I bought the fabric quite early on, really, in my sewing journey - and for one reason. GLOW IN THE DARK STARS. I couldn't not buy it, right? It's a Michael Miller cotton called Star Magic (DG0605-NITE-D), I'm pretty sure I bought it at (I buy a lot there, lets be honest - I'm waiting on some fabric as we speak!).

(I think maybe my face is so awkward because there were people walking past and staring at me... I am an awkward turtle.)

The photos of this may not be the best - we were losing the light as we shot, but it's a gorgeous mottling of dark blue to black, with stars all over it. The stars, when you have been outside a bit, glow in the dark when you go back inside!


I chose the Belladone by Deer and Doe to make this up in, as I thought it would showcase the gorgeous fabric perfectly. Also, I love pockets! My original grand plan, however, didn't work. I wanted to use glow in the dark bias to complement the stars, but for the life of me couldn't find it anywhere!! I settled for dark blue in the end, it works, but I'm not 100% happy with it. It's the best it can be given the restraints.


Despite not having had the chance to show off the glowing much yet, I adore this dress, it's fit, and it's awesomeness. It's quickly become one of my favourites!

I'll be back soon with more gorgeous things from my wardrobe soon, I promise. They will be very out of order, but they'll be here.

[Photos from the Boyfriend's Flickr page. He's my ever patient and wonderful photographer!)