Sunday, 17 July 2016

Stripey Wool Francoise

Hello lovely people! Hope everyone is well. It's been a great few weeks off for me on school holidays, but it'll be back to work tomorrow for. me. At least it's supposed to be warmer this week - I'm looking forward to  a day or two with no stockings! This dress is a stockings dress though. It is one I made late last year, actually, but I haven't worn it all that often. It is a departure from my usual style, but I like it. 

This a Tilly and the Buttons Francoise. It's not my first, but I think it's my favourite. In terms of construction, this was made exactly the same as the first (in a size 4). I was planning on having sleeves, but the wool I chose doesn't have enough stretch for sleeves. Or enough fabric in the piece I bought.

The main reasons that I don't wear this dress a lot is the length and the fabric. It's a great wintery dress to be worn with stockings! However, here in Sydney there isn't a huge amount of stocking weather (there is in winter, but there is less stocking weather than back in Canberra)... And it's too short to be comfortable for me to wear at work. The fabric itself though is lovely - it was another score from Achieve Australia (and during the half price sale) - such a great store! It's very soft and not at all itchy. As you can see, the collar is just plain white cotton sateen, and the sleeves are finished with white bias binding.

This dress did get quite a lot of wear back in January, when the Fiance and I went to London. I wanted something which I could layer with lots of other warm things, which is exactly what I did. In London, I wore this dress with a singlet, merino long sleeve top, merino leggings, fleecy tights, socks, boots, cardigan and down jacket. A lot of layers, but I felt quite like a local in something that is more me, than regular travelling clothes. Besides, it was abnormally warm - a whole 10 degrees Celsius!

I think that's my 'what are you doing strange brother?' face. It was a very amusing photo shoot. Thanks again to my brother and mother for these photos. See you excellent people again soon!

Thursday, 7 July 2016

Simplicity 2444 - Blue Batik Dress

Hello lovely people! I hope that you are all well, and if you are an Aussie, that you are staying warm and dry. Today I have a totally seasonally-inappropriate dress to share with you. I mean, it is the middle of winter here, but for me, that still means dresses - just with many layers on top and underneath to keep me warm.

This dress is also a small first for me - this is my first full muslin on a dress bodice! I know, I know, I should have started making muslins ages ago, but my habit is much more 'make-the-dress-then-take-it-in-at-the-zip' kind of girl. Way too much work making a muslin, or so I thought. Turns out, it's totally worth it.

(Photos for this post taken by my brother, with guidance from my Mum)

I didn't keep my notes as to all the changes I made (silly), but I did go down a size from before, and take out the back darts. The underarm seam is just slightly crooked, but not enough to really notice. I had originally planned to use the S2444 skirt pattern, but with this fabric that wasn't going to work to capture the lovely border detail. So it's the S2444 bodice, with just a gathered skirt. It's fully lined too (light blue cotton on the bodice, silvery grey silky lining for the skirt) - and, of course, pockets!

I'm very proud, actually, of the pattern matching I managed to achieve. I feel like that is certainly a weakness of mine, but the zigzag pattern totally lines up across the zipper. I also put the waist seam in a position so that the there was no interrupted pattern on the waist - I was concerned that this would make the skirt too short, but I think it's okay. I mean, it's unhemmed (selvedge yay!) and I won't be wearing it to work, but casually? Sure.

Our photo plans went a bit awry though. We had grand plans to go to the Arboretum partly for cool outside tree photos... But it was actually super windy and not very warm. So inside the Visitor Centre photos it is! Credit for photos for this one (and quite a few in the future) go to my brother for being photographer, and to my Mum (on whose birthday these photos were taken) for being photographic director and camera owner.