Sunday, 25 September 2016

Brown Corduroy Chardon (a TNT Pattern)

Happy Monday everyone! And an especially happy Monday to my lovely friends in the ACT - lucky things, they have a public holiday today. But I don't feel that bad, because I'm on holidays anyway.

Today I have my latest version of one of my TNT patterns - Deer and Doe's Chardon skirt. I ADORE this skirt, and have made it 5 times so far (although only 1 other has made it to the blog - I need to fix that!). Find my first version in black twill here! As well as this, I have one in navy with red trim, denim (the ultimate skirt in my wardrobe), and grey cordouroy (which is in the mending pile due to a small hole). So definitely a TNT pattern then!

I made my usual size for this one (44), with no alterations except raising the hemline slightly. I love the autumnal vibe this one has, and it goes equally well with stockings or bare legs. This shade of brown is practically a neutral, right? I went for contrast with the pockets, using a dark green fat quarter from my stash and matching bias binding to make the insides more pretty. I really appreciate taking the time to do a nicer finish - it feels more professional and didn't take all that much extra time.

The fabric is another super find from Achieve Australia (also known as the Fabric Cave) in Meadowbank. I've seen many cordouroy skirts popping up in stores lately, and I decided I needed one of my own. I also picked up a length of fabric in navy blue, which I think will one day be an A-line skirt. I just love the colour - as I was making it, I worried it might be too close to my skin tone, but I think it's perfect. I love this top with it (a RTW favourite from Just Jeans), but have also worn it with green and black and it looks just as good.

The reason this pattern is a TNT for me is the shape. It is fitted at the waist, but flares out at the hip - making it stylish and comfortable (especially for my job running around with primary school kids). The style is very classic and goes with all kinds of tops. Really, I'm starting to think I should be some kind of ambassador for Deer and Doe... 3 of my most worn patterns are Chardon (1 + 3 unblogged), Datura (4 unblogged), and Belladone (1, 2 + 2 unblogged). They just seem to fit straight out of the envelope, and they look so lovely on! I wear a D&D pattern at least 4 times a week! Deer and Doe, if you're reading this, feel free to get in touch ;)

Anyway, I think that's all I have for today. Back to making - I have my post-wedding dress to finish (M6696 in Liberty lawn)! I would like to know though, what are your TNT patterns? What patterns would you recommend?

Tuesday, 13 September 2016

A Gingham Lilou - My Gingham-Along Entry!

Evening all! It will be a short post tonight, and I also want to apologise for my face in these photos. I had to get these photos done and up today, but I'm ridiculously sick at the moment (and mostly still working, thanks to my profession). I got greeted three times today with 'Wow, you look unwell!' - which is just what you want when you feel like death warmed up.

Anyway, this is coming under the wire, really, but is my entry into the Gingham-Along hosted by Karen of Did You Make That? How it came about is a slightly complex story....

When the Ginghamalong was first announced, I was like 'YES! MAKE ALL THE GINGHAM THINGS!', but then I realised I'm trying to save money as well as sew my stash, so my plans went by the wayside. I still have an amazing mental image of black and white gingham shorts (so if anyone knows where to find gingham sateen, let me know!). Except, on Friday (the 9th), I saw an ad for 40% off at Lincraft, where they have a decent range of polycotton ginghams. So I went and picked up the materials for this dress (for like $20!). Except I bought it on Saturday, when I was in Canberra for the weekend, and I've been working as well. So this has been speed-sewn over two evenings in order to get it finished on time!

Because I knew I'd have to sew quickly, I picked one of my TNT patterns  - the Lilou dress from Tilly and the Buttons Love at First Stitch. I made my usual size (4), and subbed in a gathered skirt for the usual pattern piece.

I was totally inspired (i.e. I stole from) by this dress that Frankie of KnitWitsOwls made back in August. I just realised, she's entered hers in the Gingham-Along too - oops! Next time, I'll aim for inspiration rather than a copy... I love the faux placket, and the bias juxtaposition compared to the regular gingham. I was a bit lazy though, so unlike Frankie, I used a single piece of gingham and simply turned the edges under before topstitching. The buttons are a find from Achieve Australia's 'Fabric Cave', my local crafty charity store.

While I think it looks a little pouffy around my waist in photos, but on I love it. The slightly longer length on this really appeals to me (it's only slightly longer than my normal dresses, but still), and as with all my Lilous, it's super comfy.

So regardless of whether or not I win the Ginghamalong, the way my dress fits and looks and the fact I made it in 2 evenings makes me feel like a winner! Good luck to all the other entrants!