Saturday, 20 June 2015

Supanova, and an Esploding TARDIS!

Hey! OMG, what? Two posts in two weeks? Madness!!

Anyway, so I had Friday off work (I'm a casual for part of the week this term), and I had an amazing day. I actually took myself off for a massage, which is not related to sewing in any way, but really really helped me feel awesome, so I happily settled myself down for an afternoon of sewing.

At the moment, I'm working on a few commissions for a friend (a couple of pairs of jammie pants, and an anchor skirt, of which I will be making one for myself too). But, while mid-skirt-construction, I got a call about a very confused delivery man who apparently couldn't find my apartment. He was bearing another fabric parcel for me! Inside: 5 yards of french blue linen, and 4 yards of this gorgeous beauty.

So, given that I went to Supanova this weekend (a convention - it was pretty fun!), I needed to make this into a dress - stat. Cue fabric washing at 5pm, and hemming at 2am the next day. But I got it finished in the end!!!

This is New Look 6048 - actually, the second time I've made it. Compared to the first, I made a few changes... This is View B (the halterneck), without the bottom ruffle or the contrast band on the neckline. This gave me a clean bodice for maximum fabric awesomeness. I also took 1.5cm off the edge either side of the bodice front/bodice side seam, to bring the top seam in at the bust a little (it didn't sit flush in my original version).


Also, it has a hi lo hem! That was the BF's idea, and even though by 1am I was ready for bed, I'm so glad I stuck with it. That being said, it's not finished yet. I have to redo the hem (I'm going to do it by hand), and line the skirt (that, I'm going to do twice, once in yellow with a ruffle at the back, and once in blue). Then, it will be back on the blog in it's finished form, but because I have those commissions that may be a little while. I'm just so excited to share it already!


In the end, despite not being in a 'costume' per se, I got about 5 compliments and someone asked me for a photo. To say I'm pretty damn pleased is an understatement. Have you guys ever made a fan-service dress (so to speak)? I already have at least 2 more in the works!

(Note: The title doesn't have a typo - that was the name printed on the fabric!)

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