Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Pretty Inspiration #1

While I'm still in the process of moving, I still want to blog! I just don't have any way to take pictures of my newest creation (although I am wearing it today), and can't do any sewing because it's all in boxes. So, in lieu of that, I've been browsing online more than usual... So this kind of post is a new thing I might do sometimes, just tracking things I like and would be able to love to make (or buy if I'm allowed!)! Today, from Modcloth, one of my favourite sites for browsing  gorgeous items!

This one is beautiful. I went to a wedding last year, and wished I had a dress like this to wear. I had my heart set on navy lace, but for some reason couldn't find one when I needed it. But this is basically what I wanted (does it have pockets? if so, then it's perfect!). I particularly like the self-fabric belt and adorable little cap sleeves.
                                       Left in a Spin Dress - Blue, Tan / Cream, Lace, Pockets, Scallops, Belted, Special Occasion, Prom, A-line, Cap Sleeves, Better, Scoop, Mid-length, Knit, Lace

This sailor panel dress is adorable. I've always liked that feature, but I think maybe this one is too high necked at the front for me. Maybe a slightly different style with the same feature at the back would suit me better? I also like the different stripe directions and how they make the dress look overall.

I really like this one - I've been meaning to make something green for a while, actually (it's on the long, long, list), and I really like the clean lines of this dress. The contrast trim makes the lines stand out even more and breaks up the solid colour, and the box pleats are lovely too.

Pickin’ and Choosin’ Dress - Green, Pleats, Trim, Daytime Party, A-line, Sleeveless, Woven, Better, Mid-length, Solid

It seems I have a thing for different directional prints... Here's another! While I love florals, I own a lot of them; however, this one seems a bit different and more... Dressy? I think that's what I mean, anyway. I like it a lot. Directional prints look awesome like this.

Roof Garden Guru Dress by Myrtlewood - Mid-length, Woven, Multi, Floral, Belted, Casual, A-line, Summer, Better, Pockets, Daytime Party, Exclusives, Private Label

And the last one for now is really very similar to the one I just made... Oops. Oh well, I still really really like it! The gingham is gorgeous (green and blue, two of my favourite colours to wear... swoon), and the direction of the print looks fantastic. Also featured, but not seen in the picture, it's got a darling little bow on the back! Love it!


There are so many pretty dresses I love... I'm never going to be able to make them all! Oh well, it's not going to stop me trying... Hope you're all having a fantastic day!


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