Saturday, 19 July 2014

On Motivation and Sewing

Don't get me wrong - I adore sewing. I love when people notice my handmade clothes, and even just wearing them knowing I have that set of skills. I've really enjoyed creating things for my family and friends (glasses cases... maybe I should blog those? Comment if you'd like to see some!) and being able to give a unique gift. Maybe my favourite part is that my dragging my BFF shopping for fabric on my trip to Melbournelate last year, I not only persuaded her to get out her sewing machine (for the first time!) but to make a pair of lunch bags for herself and her hubby!

But it's not my job. I have a job (I'm a teacher), which keeps me nice and busy. And busy is great. But when I get home after chasing small children around all day, I'm tired. Some days I'm buggered. And that's when sewing gets hard. I don't want it to feel like a chore. I don't want to force myself to do it, because I've done that with things before and that's when I abandon them. I'm having too much fun to leave this now.

So that I don't burn myself out, I let myself be slow. I take breaks. Sewing is definitely not a race.

Which is probably a good thing, because I wouldn't win.

And besides, lately I've had a busted zip, disintegrating thread, eyelet falling apart, a too-big waistband, and a readjustment needed on another dress. Now that at least some of those are fixed (some were thrown away, some fixed, really) and I've moved into my new place in a new - and much bigger and better - I've been creating again! I've finished another dress, and have the next planned and ready to go. So in the next few days, I hope to take photos of the two I haven't blogged yet and upload!

I'll be back!

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