Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Sewing for Others

Happy New Year to all! Hope your resolutions aren't broken (yet), that you're recovering from all the Christmas food and alcohol nicely, and that you've had a restful holiday, for those back at work.

Today I wanted to have an experience I've had recently, which was super scary. I have gotten quite a lot of attention from friends (and strangers) in the past for my me-made items. A few months ago, a friend mentioned that she didn't have many appropriate work dresses. Many bought dresses are too short, and the style she (and I) like in an appropriate length can cost upwards of $200. So I offered to make her some. We went together to Spotlight, and after choosing patterns we also chose her fabric. In the end, I made a purple spotty Lilou, an aqua Belladone, and a dark green NL6208.

(I love this pattern. Such pretty bows - it reminds me I should make another for myself!)

Making for others is interesting. I have her measurement (obviously) and I've changed my mannequin so it matches her, but it's still a bit iffy. She hasn't tried them, but will in a week or so when I return to my hometown for Christmas, and I'm already nervous. They haven't been hemmed so I can do that after she tries them on, but I so hope they fit her!

Provided this works well, I can see quite a few more handmade dresses for others in my future. What about you, do you sew for others? What about others in other states/cities?

Edited to add: They fit! Well, the Lilou was a little tight around the arms, but the others were perfect, and she's really happy! Which is just as well, because apparently several others of my friends will be requesting dresses too...

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