Sunday, 6 September 2015

The Mid-Century Modern Dress

Evening everyone! Hope you've all had a nice week. Mine was super busy again - I'm starting to really look forward to the holidays (only two more weeks), and I'm aching to take a sewing day before then, but I won't. I need to work as much as I can in the lead up to Christmas; working as a casual teacher takes its toll over the summer when you don't work (and therefore don't get paid).

I've also put myself on a fabric and yarn spending ban (with the exception of a few things I'm planning to make as gifts for people for Christmas), so I'm trying to work my way through a long list of things I've been planning to make for ages. First are some commissions for friends, I'm copying a ModCloth dress for a few of us - then the long list for me. Maybe I'll have my list finished by the end of next year...

(I love this dress, so much! Although it makes me want a crinoline...)

In the spirit of things I've made a long time ago, I made this Lilou hack dress ages ago. I love wearing it so much, I can't believe this fabric nearly didn't make it into a dress for me. The Lilou (by the ever lovely Tilly of Tilly and the Buttons) is one of my favourite basic patterns, with a simple shape and the potential for many skirt shapes. As usual, I've made a size 4, and it fits perfectly!

(I like the simple shape of the bodice, it lends itself 
to lots of fabrics and potential customisation)

This was originally going to be a dress for selling, but I decided I liked the fabric too much. I also conveniently had a scarf that matched, which I've been wearing with it all winter! It's Mid Century Modern, in the colour Atomic Turquoise (cool name, right?) by Michael Miller. I used the bodice, of course, but I decided to add a 3/4 circle skirt this time instead of my usual gathered skirt. I have yet to use the actual skirt from the pattern, because I rarely have fabric wide enough.

(Such a lovely silhouette, right?)

I love the body of the skirt in this one, it suits the fabric perfectly! Nice and swooshy. The only regret I have about this dress is that because of the fabric I had left after making the bodice, I had to cut the skirt in 3 pieces. However, that means the seam lines are not on the side, they're more like princess seams. It's totally fine for the actual wearing of the skirt (you can barely see it in the print), but it meant I left the pockets out, which I miss so much. I just really love pockets! Next time, I'll cut the pieces differently so I can have pockets too.

(The reason I'm not looking at the camera is because Photographer is 
standing directly between me and the sun. I couldn't look!)

I keep changing my mind about my favourite skirt shape - I do like a gathered skirt, but every time I see a circle skirt (1/2 circle or bigger, really), I remember how nice they are! Just a little impractical for my lunch times on the windy playground. Perfect for a day in the park, though! Hope you all have a most excellent week, and I'd love to know - what's your favourite skirt silhouette?

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