Monday, 15 August 2016

Nautical Chic Dress - KS3682 x S2444

Hey everyone! So, it's been a month... My bad. I did warn you I was going back to work tomorrow... And work has been crazy, I've ended up with heaps of extra stuff to do, and unfortunately all of the crafty things have had to take a backseat for a little while. Hoping I can get things back to normal soon though! (Also slight apologies for the background today - we were experimenting with in-our-living-room photography with a sheet as a backdrop. Not so successful, but plenty good enough for the blog!)

Today I have my latest dress to share with you - and I have to say, this time it looks exactly like what I saw in my head. That doesn't happen all too often in my experience.

This lovely is a bit of a mashup. It wasn't intended to be, though. I started off with Kwik Sew 3682, which has a lovely deep V on the bodice (View B). However, I had bought slightly too little fabric, and even if I hacked 4 inches off the skirt (which I often do with patterns, because they're usually too long on me), it still wouldn't fit all the pieces because the skirt was too wide! So, I substituted the ever excellent skirt from Simplicity 2444 instead. Because it's great. And it also fit on the fabric, so there's that.

(As usual, full skirt and pockets YAY!)

This gorgeous fabric is Michael Miller - to be exact, Rigging in Navy from the Ahoy Matey collection (no longer available, but link here for a closer look). It's delightful, and the dress is fully lined in navy blue (cotton for the bodice, bemsilk for the skirt - as usual). Michael Miller fabrics are great, and I love the prints! I couldn't resist this one.

(It's pattern matched! Mostly accidentally, but I love it anyway.)

I forgot how much I like this bodice - the last K3682 dress I owned I actually made too small, so ended up getting rid of it a while ago now. I feel like it toes the line between a deep V and an appropriate V (although I do think it's perhaps not ideal for work around the children!).

The bodice is somewhere between a size S and M. I cut the Medium after toile-ing the Small (I have lost some weight, but it turns out, not that much), and it was a little big, so I took it in at the zip. A quick and easy fix. The skirt is my usual size, and I even still had it out from my Batik dress a few posts ago, which was even better. I will definitely be making this V neck again, although maybe with a wider fabric so I can use the matching skirt.

(Not quite sure what I was looking at here...)

I haven't actually worn this dress out in the wild yet though - I always like to give my new me-mades a bit of an 'occasion' when I first wear them (even if it's just date night or going into the city). I haven't had a good reason yet, but I'll find one. I am going to a concert this weekend...

Do you do that? Save your first wear for something a little more fancy than just any old day? I'd love to know.


  1. This is a beautiful dress! The best part of sewing is taking the pieces you love & putting them together. I tend to wear my makes asap, if I waited for a special event they'd never get worn! x Allison

    1. Thank you so much! I wear my makes all the time, I just feel like something brand new is wasted if I wear it the first time to work. It also helps me create reasons to go out ;)