Saturday, 3 May 2014

Stash Busting - Kindle Case

Hi there! After pushing through to get my Sew Dolly Clackett entries done, and spending a week in Melbourne, I've been a bit... listless with my sewing. I have a list of projects and at least 6 fabrics to use, but have been feeling like its a little too much effort for the last week (I am planning on starting something this weekend though, and have just ordered a new pattern I'm super excited for!).

So, I decided I wanted a cover for my Kindle. Mine is the Kindle Touch, the model before the Paperwhite (I love it, by the way - currently rereading Harry Potter!), and has a case, which is a plain black hard case. I like having a case for it to protect, but very quickly the black became... so boring. I needed something nicer, stat.

So I Googled, and found this tutorial. It's so easy, it took me less than an hour from finding the tutorial to having a completed case! It took me a few tries to get the perfect stitching distance, but I'm so happy with the end result. The fabric was left over from a project years and years ago, but I'm glad I kept it.

(Yep, that's what I'm reading and where I was up to!)

Having finished it, I felt like it needed a little something else. I don't have the right foot for my machine to be able to freeform writing on the case, so I wrote my name on it in silver Sharpie and used that as a guide while hand stitching over it with silver thread. I love the effect it gives, and I took my time to made sure that it was nice and neat.

That was the perfect getting-back-into-it project. Now, back to garment sewing! I'd love to know in the comments, how do you get back into it when you have a sewing slump?

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