Monday, 22 September 2014

On Fit

Hey guys! So I had some posts queued up, but I was hoping that maybe someone out in the wilds of the internet would be able to help me with a few things.

So I've been having a few issues with fit, on the back specifically. I think I must have a small back or something, because I find that necklines are too wide, and they gape (at the front and back, but more at the back). I've tried taking it down a size just around the neckline and grading back to the regular size at the bust, but this doesn't seem to work.

Would it be better to just take a slice out of the back, or a wedge shaped section? Or (and I just thought of this so maybe it's totally crazy) could I go down a size, then do a FBA for my larger chest area?

I don't have any fitting books or resources at the moment, so I was hoping someone might see this and be able to help... Please?

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