Sunday, 28 September 2014

Teeny Tiny Circles

Last weekend, one of my cousins had a baby! It's very exciting news for the family, as that part of it hadn't had a baby girl in generations. As soon as I heard the news, I decided that I should put my sewing skills to good use!

I thought patterns would be hard as she was only a little baby, and I live in a different state to them. So I tried to find a free pattern which could work and be flexible. Being a lover of the circle skirt myself, what better than to make some for my new baby cousin! I found a useful pattern piece and tutorial here.

The first I made using remnants from the dress for me I'm currently finishing off. I decided to use bias binding on the bottom (and although it was supposed to be a circle skirt in one piece, I had to cut 4 sections - and used my first French seams), and I think it makes a cute touch. Now, we can match!

Then, after seeing how little fabric you need (you can fit one onto a fat quarter!), I pulled a fat quarter I hadn't used yet out of my stash, and made another. This one has a baby double hem.

As soon as I had finished them, I realised I could use the leftovers to make a ribbon of the floral fabric. So I did, and I've packaged them up by using the ribbon to tie them in a bow. Here's the finished parcel!

I've already tucked this little parcel in the mailbox, and it's on its way! I hope the baby girl (and my cousins) like them as much as I liked making them. Now, I just need someone else to have a baby girl...

New skills: Printing and using PDF patterns, French seams

Does making gifts for others make you happy?

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