Friday, 24 July 2015

Blue Flower Dress

Hello, my friends! It's been a busy few weeks - the first weeks of term always are. I've still got a huge backlog of projects to share, but also now a bit of a backlog of photos to be edited, which is awesome. Means hopefully I'll be able to have a bit of a queue for posts!

Anyway, this is one of my more recent dresses, and was intended to be a wearable muslin. It turned out so nice that I can't wait to wear it (I'm just waiting for the weather to warm up a little). The pattern is New Look 6048, a dress which I have wanted to make for a while. I was inspired by several versions, including this one made by Hell Bunny (I love their designs, even if I don't love the price tag!):

I also love this and this version - both gorgeous - from Bobbin and Baste, and I adore this one from Sew Busy Lizzie (Aussie sewers represent!). The pattern itself needs a little tweaking to get to the stage of the Hell Bunny dress, so I made it as is for my wearable muslin (plus I need to learn how to put piping in...)

But here is the first version!

Blue Flower Dress
(I think this is my 'Look! I made a thing!' face and pose)

The fabric is a lightish cotton. I'm still learning about fibre contents and things like that, but it is definitely cotton (crisp like a quilting cotton, but thinner). I picked it up a few months ago on a trip with my BFF to Cabramatta (where nothing has labels), a suburb of Sydney which is well known for it's reasonably priced cheap fabrics. I bought many metres that day (something like 18) and most were only $4 or so per metre.

Blue Flower Dress 2
(So now on I'm sometimes attempting actual poses 
instead of just being awkward... This one is okay...)

I made it up in a size 16, which fit pretty well. For future versions (I've actually made 2 others already, one of which is my TARDIS dress) I have taken 1.5cm out of the front bodice/side bodice seam, which takes care of the gaping you can see on the bust line in the pictures. It's totally wearable without the adjustment though! The skirt is also as per pattern, although I removed the single pleats on the back because they kept getting caught in the zip.

Blue Flower Dress pockets
(As always, look at the pocketses!)

The dress is fully lined, although it took my brain some wrangling. I ended up saving the straps for last though, so they are hand sewed to the lining on the inside instead of sandwiched inside (honestly, I couldn't work out how to sandwich them - plus I figured this way they're really easy to adjust if I need to after I've worn it a bit). I can foresee me wearing all my versions of this dress - and making more - as soon as the weather warms up a little. I like this best without a scarf and layers of stockings...

And while we had the lights set up and were doing a marathon of photos in the apartment the other night, the Boyfriend was taking test shots while I was mucking around... Look what happened! I feel like such a Bimble and Pimble copycat (to be fair, I love Amanda's makes and was explaining to the Boyfriend about how she always does raptor poses... I may have asked for it).

Blue Flower Dress 3
(Bonus awkward raptor!)

I love when you can try a new pattern and it's (almost) ready first go! I'd love new pattern recommendations if anyone would like to share their current favourites - especially for woven tops, I really need some of those... And don't forget to have a lovely day!

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